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Summer, an ode to summer hues

Summer, an ode to summer huesHISTORY

After imagining the Winter and Spring rings, Christophe Mariusse and Philip Bonnet were inspired to continue their unique and jewelled representation of the Four Seasons. With plenty of ideas and vivid colours in mind, the pair wished to highlight coloured sapphires in their Summer ring by using warm shades as the ideal representation of the summer season.

Inspired by a sunset on the beach and the sound of the waves, the jewellers began by designing the […]

The interview : Marion – Jeweller


Hello, my name is Marion, I’m 25 years old and I come from a town called Châteauroux in the Centre-Val de Loire region. I left the region to begin my jewellery studies at IBS, the Jewellery Institute of Saumur in 2013 to start a Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP) then the following year I was able to continue on a work-study programme: with a specialisation […]

The sapphire, a symbole of intense blue

The sapphire, a symbole of intense blueIT’S ORIGIN

The earliest traces of sapphires date back to Greece in the 5th century BC. At that time, this precious stone was defined by the name “sappheiros”, meaning “blue”, and its colour was quickly recognised as a dominant feature in its history. The Egyptians, Romans and Persians all revered this stone, which they considered to be sacred and a symbol of justice. Later, the Catholic Church would give this stone an important status within […]

Spring, a tribute to reawakening

Spring, a tribute to reawakeningHISTORY

Inspired by a beautiful sunny spring day, the Spring Ring is the first item in the “Four Seasons” Collection. With a clear vision of creating a ring for each season of the year, the two designers immediately imagined the ring they wished to craft, then Christophe, as he is particularly fond of floral motifs, designed it. Like a young shoot reaching towards a fresh and verdant universe, Philip and Christophe immediately thought of the emerald to […]

The interview – Lucas Berruyer FGA – Gemmologist


Hello, my name is Lucas Berruyer, I’m 23 years old and I was born in Valence. I grew up and went to school from the age of 3 to 15 in a town called Chatte in the Isère. In order to continue my apprenticeship I studied at the Amblard Vocational School in Valence where I took my Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP) (2013-2015) and then the National Diploma (Brevet) […]

Audrey, a contemporary spirit

Audrey, a contemporary spiritHistory

Both a name and a personality. The creations of the “Les Intemporelles” Collection are inspired by femininity and are a homage to the women who have played an instrumental role in the lives of the designers and the Atelier. For the Audrey ring, it is Philip Bonnet’s wife who is in the limelight. A delicate tribute that reflects the inspirations, passions and personality of the person who has shared his life for many years.

With a clear design […]

Ruby, the colour of love

Ruby, the colour of loveIts origin

Originally called “Ratnaraj” in Sanskrit, which means “God of precious stones” or “leader of precious stones”, the first Ruby mining began in the now depleted mines of Sri Lanka in the 8 B.C. Having long been mystified by the Hindus and the Burmese, the different ethnic groups considered that the colour of Rubies symbolised an internal fire that could not be extinguished. Over the years, this intensely red stone has always had a strong protective […]

2020 to 2021, what is the future for Haute Joaillerie ?

2020 to 2021, what is the future for Haute Joaillerie ?2020 was challenging

With the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Jewellery and “Haute Joaillerie” sector has been the hardest hit in the Luxury Goods market. With a 23% drop in activity for the French Luxury Goods market in 2020 compared to 2019, shops closed, trade fairs were cancelled and customer appointments that were difficult to organise did not help the situation. According to information from the LVMH Group, the Watch and Jewellery […]

Winter, a tribute to an enchanting season

The Winter ring, a tribute to an enchanting seasonHistory

This creation, imagined by Christophe Mariusse and Philip Bonnet, started to take shape in June 2018 with the design of the Four Seasons collection. The fourth and last ring in this now emblematic collection, the Winter creation needed to be captivating and mysterious in order to bring the two cousins’ inaugural collection to a fitting close.

Both men are extremely creative and passionate about nature, and were inspired by the most beautiful phenomenon […]

How to choose a quality diamond ?

How to choose a quality diamond ?

For a private individual or a professional, the purchase of a diamond rests on several selection criteria. These criteria are grouped in 4 points: the cut, the colour, the clarity and the carat, which is similar to the weight. Also, to analyze a diamond with these 4C it is necessary to study it in daylight, if possible on a day of good weather and with an exposure towards the north. It is under these […]

Tanzanite, a rare and exceptional stone

Tanzanite, a rare and exceptional stoneIts origin

Tanzanite, also known as “blue sky” (a literal translation from Swahili), was originally discovered by the Maasai tribe when violent thunderstorms on the Merelani Hills set off bush fires that revealed beautiful blue stones on the ground. Having come from the sky and considered a sign from God for the African people, these gems became a sacred symbol for their country. Unable to accurately identify this stone, Tanzanite, was sent to the GIA (Gemological […]

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