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Summer, an ode to summer hues

Summer, an ode to summer huesHISTORY After imagining the Winter and Spring rings, Christophe Mariusse and Philip Bonnet were inspired to continue their unique and jewelled representation of the Four Seasons. With plenty of ideas and vivid colours in mind, the pair wished to highlight coloured sapphires in their Summer ring by using warm shades…

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The interview : Marion – Jeweller

The interview : Marion - JewellerHELLO MARION, COULD YOU TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF ? Hello, my name is Marion, I’m 25 years old and I come from a town called Châteauroux in the Centre-Val de Loire region. I left the region to begin my jewellery studies at IBS, the Jewellery Institute of Saumur…

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The sapphire, a symbole of intense blue

The sapphire, a symbole of intense blueIT’S ORIGIN The earliest traces of sapphires date back to Greece in the 5th century BC. At that time, this precious stone was defined by the name "sappheiros", meaning "blue", and its colour was quickly recognised as a dominant feature in its history. The Egyptians, Romans and Persians all…

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Spring, a tribute to reawakening

Spring, a tribute to reawakeningHISTORY Inspired by a beautiful sunny spring day, the Spring Ring is the first item in the "Four Seasons" Collection. With a clear vision of creating a ring for each season of the year, the two designers immediately imagined the ring they wished to craft, then Christophe, as he is particularly…

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