Our know-how

Savoir-faire Mariusse et Bonnet

We dedicate our know-how to our clients.

Jewellery, engraving, gem-setting, design are among the skills that our team has been mastering with passion to offer you elegant and refined jewellery.

Each piece of jewellery is a work of art that is created with the utmost passion.

It begins with a simple sketch that has been imagined by the designer, followed by a discussion with the design team.

Then comes the moment to start the fabrication process in the workshop, where the piece of jewellery takes shape in the hands of the jeweller.

The gem-setter finishes this part of the process by setting the precious stones that have been carefully selected for their purity, brilliance and colour.

Finally comes the delicate finishing touch that will give the jewel its brilliance and unique shine. Our profession is an art that we are able to convey through the exemplary design of our jewellery.