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Philip Bonnet

Philip Bonnet

Trained by his father, a jeweller in Valence, in the Drôme, Philip discovered a profession that would allow him to give free rein to his creative spirit and the pleasure of working with different metals and gems.A jeweller and gem-setter, Philip has, over the years, learnt new skills such as CAD design and digital engraving.

In 2004 he became Technical Director in a jewellery workshop where he developed new expertise as well as a network of contacts in the jewellery business. Philip embarked on a new venture in 2008 by star ng his own company. The professionalism, rigour and high quality allowed to quickly earn the trust of some of the leading jewellery brands.

Philip is passionate about gemstones, par cularly diamonds.

Christophe Mariusse

Was also trained by Mr BONNET’s father. Very quickly Christophe demonstrated exceptional skills and sense of design. As a jeweller and layout artist, Christophe was able to flourish in a large jewellery workshop in Valence where he became head of the workshop.

It was in 2006 that Christophe and his wife also embarked on an adventure. In a very short period of me. He created private collections and one-off pieces of jewellery.

His brand has also been certified by Joaillerie de France.

Christophe has exceptional technical expertise, is passionate about his job and his creative spirit is never- ending.

Christophe Mariusse

After several years of collaboration between their two companies, Christophe and Philip decide to pool their expertise into one and the same entity.

Their new workshop situated in Montoison in the Drôme (close to Valence) is where their two teams now work together under the name AVISOR.

A succession of achievements followed quickly after:


Member of UFBJOP in 2015

Label Joaillerie de France on December 2015

Certification RJC on July 2016